Roofing, cladding, other products

Ornaments also have pride of place on roofs, facades and on rainwater downpipes.

Shingles, a proven and timeless system for facades and roofs return buildings to their bygone grandeur or give more recent projects modernity and innovation. They can be decorative stamped shingles or bespoke. The various formats possible and the possibility to have them on request according to drawings enable creativity in the aesthetic of the buildings.

Stamped standing seam, stamped panels, decorated facades and balustrades enhance the entire building with a unique style.

Other products as decorative pipes, dolphin bends, ornamented hopper heads, stamped gutters also provide character to the buildings.

Bull's eyes and dormer windows

Weathervanes and Compositions

Finials, fire urns, pinnacles and flames

Domes, campaniles, arrows

Smooth, stamped profiles and designs