Rainwater systems

With more than a century of experience to draw from, VMZINC markets a complete range of RWS long products and accessories in most European countries.

Unique range of rainwater systems

This range offers specific models that meet the requirements and standards of each country.

It features complete systems, whatever the configuration of the rainwater evacuation network and its dimensions.

The products in the range are designed to provide an elegant, quality solution that protects buildings over the long term.

Surface aspects available: Natural zinc / QUARTZ-ZINC / ANTHRA-ZINC / PIGMENTO blue / PIGMENTO greenPIGMENTO redPIGMENTO brownAZENGAR

Key advantages of the VMZINC rainwater systems

A quality material in zinc alloy that complies with European quality standard EN 988, which ensures a remarkable lifespan with no major maintenance,

Complete systems where each component functions perfectly,

Surface aspects and models that blend in with all styles of construction.

Areas of application

New buildings and renovation.

All types of buildings, private and public buildings, individual houses and collective housing.


These ranges are designed for easy installation and comply with local standards and habits.

A range of standard accessories has been designed to fit perfectly with the long elements:

  1. Gutter
  2. Hooks
  3. External corner
  4. Internal corner
  5. Stop end
  6. Universal outlet
  7. 72° bend
  8. Pipe
  9. Sleeve
  10.  Sleeve
  11. Self-locking ring
  12.  Hopper head
  13.  Water collector




Surface finishes