Zinc, The Sustainable Solution

VM Building Solutions with the international trademark VMZINC is deploying a demanding and ambitious environmental policy to improve their products. 

Facing the challenge of designing and constructing buildings that respect the environment and the health of their users, VMZINC analyses and improves the environmental performance of its production sites and products at each step of zinc life cycle.

For more than 10 years, VMZINC has carried out Life Cycle Analyses - LCAs in accordance with ISO 14040-44 on its products and published Environmental Product Declarations - EPDs in accordance with EN 15804, such as IBU Certificates and ESDSs.

The results of its multi-criteria and multi-stage environmental analyses show the environmental relevance of VMZINC rolled zinc solutions, particularly in the world of metal solutions used in building envelope applications.

There are many reasons for choosing VMZINC for your roofing and facade projects.

Characteristics of zinc

Zinc is a non-toxic, durable, recyclable and plentiful material.

The durability and flexibility of this resolutely modern material have been well proven. 

Life cycle of zinc

At each step of the life cycle of zinc, the VMZINC solutions have advantages comparing to other materials. 

VMZINC has been doing LCA for over 10 years.


VM BUILDING SOLUTIONS is working on assessing the environmental profile of the main product families used in the building envelope applications in its offer. 

Sustainable benchmarks

VMZINC solutions provide many advantages to meet the requirements of sustainable building references (HQE, LEED, BREEAM, etc...).

Zinc and wood synergy

When wood and rolled zinc are used together, the combination of these two materials provides pertinent solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you want to know about Zinc and sustainability.