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World leader in the production of zinc

VM Building Solutions is a world leader in the production of zinc for the building industry, in terms of volume and in technical expertise. 

Under the VMZINC brand name, VM Building Solutions manufactures all-in-one zinc solutions for the building industry, from roofing, façade and rainwater systems to accessories and high-quality decoration. 

Our zinc products are manufactured in six specialized production sites located in France, Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia. 

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    The zinc sheets are either processed by roof and façade specialists in their workplaces and on site, or shaped into profiled roof and façade gutters, finishes and accessories at our own production sites. 

    VM Building Solutions operates in more than 30 countries for the sales of zinc for roofing and façade applications to specialized distributors. 

VM Building Solutions, the best partner for the roof and façade professional. With respectively 185 and 40 years of experience in zinc and EPDM applications, we are considered as the reference in the European market and beyond.

Hendrik Deraedt , Managing Director VM Building Solutions

    Training and technical support

    Roofers and façade installers, architects and contractors alike can rely on us for a complete package of products and services. Production and distribution go hand in hand with sharing knowledge and experience through product demonstrations, training and technical support. We do not stop at the craftsmen and -women; also distributors, architects and contractors can come to us for training and support.

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VM Building Solutions is European supplier of EPDM waterproofing membranes and promotes and markets a full range of roofing products.

The company is now also exclusive supplier of copper under the name Nordic Copper, made by Aurubis. 

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VM Building Solutions is a business unit of Fedrus International.

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VMZINC is the specialist in innovative zinc solutions for building with an unique range of rolled or shaped products.  

Services to ensure successful projects

Mobilizing all of its resources to offer the best quality of materials and the best and broadest range of products, VMZINC makes its expertise available to its customers and partners to ensure their projects are successful. From design to installation on site, all the teams provide on-going assistance to architects and their clients, design offices, distributors and companies.

A broad range of products

Innovative systems and products for roofing and facade, as well as rainwater systems, accessories and flashings and ornaments are part of the widest range of products for building envelop in the world.