Vital for calculating the Environmental Quality of a Building

An Environmental Product Declaration serves a dual purpose:

  • It presents the environmental assessment of building products in a reliable, transparent manner,
  • It provides the fundamental “Components and materials” sources of data necessary to assess the Environmental Quality of Buildings.

Assessment of the Environmental Quality of Buildings consists of calculating the environmental impact of a building according to the principle of a Life Cycle Analysis, i.e. using a multi-stage and multi-criteria approach.

Several tools can be used to assess the Environmental Quality of a Building:

  • Elodie (CSTB),
  • TEAM Building Industry (Ecobilan-PWC),
  • Simapro LCA Software,
  • Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES),
  • Eco-calculator IE BEC (Athena)
  • GaBi 4 Software,
  • Etc.

These tools enable architects and clients wishing to design and construct buildings that respect the environment to eco-design their building and quantitatively assess its environmental profile.

For more information on assessing the environmental quality of buildings click on the following link: