Just imagine what a subtle shade of red, green, blue or brown can contribute to your creation.

Zinc is known for its elegant shade of grey. But in the 2000's, it was time for colour! The PIGMENTO range was created in 2005 and enriched in 2012.

PIGMENTO consists of rolled zinc alloyed with copper and titanium that complies with European standard EN 988 and the surface of which has a pre-weathering treatment upon which a transparent primer is applied, followed by a colored coating. The pre-weathering treatment applied to PIGMENTO is the same as that used for QUARTZ-ZINC. PIGMENTO® colors subtly combine the natural texture of QUARTZ-ZINC® with iridescent colours.

It allows architects to create colorful new designs with an expanded palette of mineralhues. PIGMENTO uses modern pigment technology and showcases the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc. The result is a revolutionary new look that blends with other colored materials and reflects the light of its environment.

The PIGMENTO range is not a painted finish, this makes the surface color maintenance free like all VMZINC envelopes. The surface color is created by adding mineral pigments to a durable protective coating, creating beautifully organic red, green, blue and brown pre-weathered zincs. 

The subtlety and depth of PIGMENTO is unsurpassed by any building material available. The textured aspect of the pre-weathered zinc shows through the color just as the grain of wood is visible through coats of varnish. 

Made to order color are also available.

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