The Compact Roof is a zinc standing seam roof system with a non-vented warm substrate. It is critical that all layers of the build-up be correctly designed and installed. We would recommend that recognised VMZINC installers fit all elements of the system from the FOAMGLAS insulation upwards.

BBA Certified


FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation is adhered to the substrate using a cold adhesive; the staggered joints of the board are closely butted with the cold adhesive ensuring a vapour tight seal (no vapour barrier is required).

  • The upper face of the cellular glass board has a bitumen and polyethylene protective layer.
  • Galvanised steel plates are applied to the upper slab or board surface of the FOAMGLAS. Its bitumen upper surface is heated with a gas torch and the plates are inserted within the cellular glass insulation, forming a secure ‘non thermal bridge’ bond. The galvanised steel plates should must be positioned by the VMZINC installer.
  • A high performance bituminous membrane +3mm thick with a sanded finish is torch applied to the upper surface of the insulation with lapped joints, the flow of bitumen ensures the butted joints are sealed. This membrane covers the entire roof surface including the plates.
  • Polyethylene film is installed to avoid any contact between the VMZINC PLUS and the sanded torch-on bituminous membrane.
  • The VMZINC PLUS panels are fixed to this structure with VMZINC clips screwed into the galvanised steel plates.


Please find below files containing a selection of drawings. Further drawings are available upon request from your specification manager. Please note these drawings are only relevant for Ireland and UK market.

Areas of application

Suitable for use on roofs with pitches from 3° to 60°. The only solution for high humidity buildings (eg swimming pools), this system can be installed on plywood and steel decks to the manufacturer’s specifications. FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation offers resistance in any type of humid situations. Tapered or uniform thickness cellular glass insulation is available in board or slab format. Double layering is possible. For further information on cellular glass insulation, please contact FOAMGLAS.


ZINC thickness0,70 mm
Panel width430, 530 or 600 mm
Panel length13000 mm
  • PIGMENTO Charcoal Blue
  • PIGMENTO Storm Grey
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green
  • Natural zinc

Documents and drawings

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