VMZINC Training

Training is offered to educate in the latest best practice and new and existing labour saving techniques.

VMZINC offer Training Seminars aimed at contractors with some experienced of metal roofing. The Seminars educate in the latest best practice and new and existing labour saving techniques. 

For further information please contact the VMZINC Office:

Tel:  01992 921 300 or email:  vmzinc.uk@vmbuildingsolutions.com

VMZINC 3 day Basic Training

Monday 3rd April to Wednesday 5th April 2023

Location: NCTS Hoddesdon  Herts  EN11 0NT


Tuesday 18th April to Thursday 20th April 2023

Location: Master Roofers Training Academy Salford M50 2NP

Cost: £500 + VAT per person.  
VMZINC at Work 2023 Training Voucher can be used.

To register for a place on your chosen day

Each 3-day course will include:

  • Eaves 
  • Ridge
  • Verge
  • Rooflight
  • Soldering

Plus a presentation on:

  • Tools
  • profiling
  • panel layout 
  • and correct fixing

Part theory, but mainly practical

The Lead Sheet Training Academy (LSTA), Kent, and the NCTS, Hoddesdon and Salford, have developed training courses in zinc and other hard metals specifically designed to meet the needs of  the Installer.  Courses are flexible and cost effective catering for those with limited experience as well as those who want to add to their range of skills.  

The training offers advice on how to install VMZINC products correctly.  

Please Tel:  01622 872432 
email: info@leadsheet.co.uk

NCTS please Tel: 01992 801914 
email: jo@ncts.org.uk

Installation Videos

VMZINC have produced a number of videos showing a wide range of details, including window flashings.