Build stylishly and naturally with zinc

Zinc is the aesthetic and environmentally friendly choice with long durability, 

low maintenance and unlimited design possibilities. 

Zinc is the responsible and aesthetic choice

5 good reasons to choose zinc

Zinc titanium alloy is a durable natural material that adds aesthetics and functionality to any building. The material's formability makes it possible to be impressive in design, regardless of whether you foresee organic and natural curves
or a more simple and innovative shapes.

See the 5 good reasons for choosing zinc for your construction below.

1. Natural materials in their purest form

Zinc, with element number 30, is the core of our products. VMZINC is made from 99.995% pure zinc, enriched with copper and titanium for strength and flexibility. This not only ensures exceptional durability, but also an aesthetic that lasts for decades.

2. Durability that lasts

Whatever the weather, zinc can withstand everything and has an impressive lifespan of up to 100 years. This means that your build will not only be an investment in the present, but also a gift to future generations.


3. No Maintenance

Focus on the creative process without worrying about maintenance and finishing. Moss and algae do not grow on the zinc surface, so zinc does not require labor-intensive care. With zinc, you can invest more time in your architectural vision and be satisfied that the result will look great for years to come without any maintenance.

4. Endless design possibilities

Zinc is not only durable, it is also versatile and easy to shape. It allows architects to express their creativity and put their personal stamp on each building. With zinc, your design options are only limited by your imagination.

5. A sustainable choice

Zinc is 100% recyclable. In Europe, 95% of all rolled zinc is recycled, making it a sustainable choice that respects the planet's resources and our responsibility to protect the environment.

A wide range of surfaces, textures and colours

VMZINC's ranges from classic natural zinc to our popular patinated surfaces in light and dark anthracite grey. In addition, you can choose matte textured zinc, a variety of eye-catching colors, and several technical finishes for your project.

Our products comply with the EN988 standard and VMZINC Premium.

VMZINC offers custom finishes for specific project requirement. 

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