Design assistance / BIM Objects

This technical service is offered to architects. Our entire team remains at disposal to study projects. 

Design assistance

That is why we work closely with all those involved, starting from the initial idea right down to the finished building. Whether you are an architect, a specifier, main contractor or roofer we are there to help you.

Our in-house team of dedicated architects, engineers and technicians provide innovative solutions to architects that respect budgetary requirements and the relevant standards.

Services provided on request

  • Feasibility analysis of even the most complex projects,
  • Recommendations and drawings,
  • Library of CAD drawings,
  • Written specification,
  • Prototype production,
  • Quantity estimates.

VMZINC library for BIM Objects

VMZINC offers you CAO and BIM free objects, available on the platforms of leaders on the market: BIM & CO, POLANTIS and BIM OBJECT. These VMZINC objects can be downloaded free in your library, you will then have access to the BIM objects themselves and the technical information of the products.

Two platforms for VMZINC BIM Objects


Compact roof / Structural roof


Flat lock panel / Standing seam / MOZAIK /Sine wave profile / Interlocking panel / Overlapping panel

Download the objects


Structural roof / Compact roof / Standing seam


Flat lock panel / Shingles / Standing seam / MOZAIK / Sine wave profile / Interlocking panel / Overlapping panel

Download the objects

Technical assistance

Basic principals for installation