Technical Support

Our commitment goes much further than the delivery of quality goods. We want to make sure that the owner or investor in the building is fully satisfied with the appearance and performance of our product.

We work closely with all those involved in the project, starting from the initial idea right down to the finished building. Whether you are an architect, a specifier, main contractor or roofer we are there to help you.

General Technical Recommendations

This general technical recommendations guide is designed to give both architects and contractors alike information about the use of VMZINC, clarifying the limits of the material and thereby enabling correct design and installation.

Design Assistance

Our team are here to assist clients to design their roofing and façade project, providing innovative solutions that respect budgetary requirements whilst helping meet industry standards.

Installation Videos

These videos provide information about VMZINC details.

Technical Assistance

Our technical teams can go on site for advises, checks of the laying.