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Zinc is the responsible and aesthetic choice

5 good reasons to choose zinc

Zinc titanium alloy is a durable natural material that adds aesthetics and functionality to any building. The material's formability makes it possible to be impressive in design, regardless of whether you foresee organic and natural curves or a more simple and innovative shapes.

See the 5 good reasons for choosing zinc for your construction below.

1. Attractive non painted aesthetics

Zinc does not need to be painted to be protected or to look attractive. Not only can zinc be pre-weathered to 10 standard finishes but the vast array of systems on offer give designers a wide range of choices for roofs and facades alike.

2. Excellent durability 

Whatever the weather, zinc can withstand everything and has an impressive lifespan of up to 100 years. This means that your building will not only be an investment in the present, but also a gift to future generations

3. Low maintenance

Zinc roofs and walls often improve with age, just look at the roof tops of Paris. Zinc does not need to be re-painted as there is no paint in the first place. An occasional inspection and removing leaves from gutters are really all the maintenance that is required. With zinc, you can invest more time in your architectural vision and be satisfied that the result will look great for years to come with almost no maintenance

4. Endless design possibilities 

Zinc is not only durable, it is also versatile and easy to shape. It allows architects to express their creativity and put their personal stamp on each building. With zinc, your design options are only limited by your imagination.

5. A network of competent installers 

For a material that can last over 100 years, installation is critical. It is for this reason VMZINC@WORK partners are recommended. This is a partnership between VMZINC and roofing contractors to improve quality. VMZINC@WORK partners are contractors that have a proven track record in fitting VMZINC roofs and walls as well as committing to annual training courses so that they are aware of the latest products, systems and recommendations. 

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A wide range of surfaces, textures and colors.

The VMZINC range ranges from classic natural zinc to our popular light and dark anthracite gray patinated and pigmented surfaces. Additionally, you can choose zinc with a matte texture.

Our products comply with EN988 and VMZINC Premium standards.VMZINC also offers custom finishes for each project's specific requirements.

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