Projects / 15 November 2022

Delhi Metro Station Corporation (DMRC)

The skywalk at the Delhi Metro Railway Station, which was completed in March this year, is one of VMZINC's latest offerings, showcasing the potential of zinc as a building material. The 5,370 sqmt bridge has used VMZINC's Flatlock System for the structure and Quartz and Pigmento Red for the finish. The renowned architectural firm ISAP has used VMZINC Cladding as the main facia material for the skywalk which is an extension of the foot over bridge at the railway station. Connecting the Ajmeri Gate side of the platform with the Metro station and multi-level parking with multiple entry and exit points, the challenging project required a long-lasting material that could withstand Delhi's harsh weather conditions. The skywalk's complex curved shape needed a malleable material that could cover the surface gracefully. Zinc, therefore, was the best choice.