The exclusive Black Collection VMZINC

New shades for contemporary architecture modern echo of ANTHRA-ZINC, the first aspect developed in 1978 after natural zinc.

The Black Collection is based on copper-titanium rolled zinc, which complies with the European standard EN 988 and the PREMIUMZINC quality label.

This distinctive and elegant color universe is made up of shades that can be used for all types of buildings, for roofs and façades, for new buildings and for renovation.

Five characterful shades:

  • PIGMENTO Storm grey, a dark grey with a hint of red
  • PIGMENTO Charcoal blue, dark grey with a touch of blue
  • Midnight black, deep black
  • PIGMENTO grey, warm dark grey
  • Ink black, intense black

They blend harmoniously into the environment and enhance the other materials or colors.