Corporate / 16 November 2022

New website on line

You can benefit from a new navigation, more modern interface

VM Building Solutions, specialist in in innovative solutions for roofing and fa├žade, has enriched its brand VMZINC® with a completely redesigned global corporate website based on a new graphic identity. 

The redesigned global website and the accompanying brand identity were created after an in-depth rebranding, during which the brand found the balance between its rich history and an innovative future.

New brand identity
The VMZINC® logo was a logical starting point for searching a new brand identity.  "VMZINC® is one of our strong brands" says Bram Callens, Communications and Digital Manager. "We can be proud of the 185 years of history, a sustainable and boundless product and a recognizable logo." 
The main elements of the logo remain the colors orange and purple, with black as an additional color in the graphic guidelines. These colors underline the premium positioning of the brand. The font and the distinctive photography are highlighting the richness of the material and the many possible detail solutions, as the brand guarantees infinite architectural possibilities. With this new graphic identity, the brand is recognizable in every communication all over the world

Corporate website
VM Building Solutions is gradually rolling out the new branding. The new communication spearhead is the new global website which is the hub for all national sites. For this new global website, VMZINC explicitly adopted a customer centric approach. The needs of architects and roofers are not only the basis for a new design, but also for a more intuitive navigation, a resolutely modern design and for a lot of inspirational and useful content.
In terms of content, the website makes the leap to very customer-centric content, written in the specialist language of our target groups and with great attention to the aesthetic quality of the photography. Visitors will find everything they have always wanted to know about zinc, the VMZINC® brand, its products and solutions, services, references and sustainability vision.
Efforts have been done with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the website is now mobile friendly, and adaptable to all screens and all terminals (smartphones, tablets, etc.) which will guide visitors coming from the search engines. 

Global roll-out
VM Building Solutions will continue its investment in new websites over the coming months through a gradual rollout in its regional markets. The common thread running through the renewal operation is the stated ambition to turn each VMZINC-website in each market into a dynamic platform where the brand regularly publishes new content that helps architects and roofers move forward with their plans.

About VM Building Solutions
VMZINC is the international brand name of rolled zinc products manufactured and sold by the VM Building Solutions, which is specialized in materials for roofing and facade. The company is present in more than 30 countries all over the world for zinc activities.