General information

Composite is a multilayered panel made up of two sheets of zinc that are 0.5 mm thick and thermo-glued on either side of a mineral-rich polyethylene core for optimum reaction to fire.

Combining the qualities, elegance and durability of VMZINC with the rigidity and smoothness of composite, Composite offers unique architectural possibilities for facades.

Areas of application

Application either for Exterior and Interior.

Facades, curtain walls, balconies, all types of new and renovated buildings.

Technical data

Characteristics of panels
Maximum width1000 mm (*)
Standard length2000 - 3000 - 4000 mm
Length on requestUp to 6000 mm
Thickness of zinc0.5 mm
CoreMineral-rich polyethylene 
(Fire Retardancy)
Total thickness4 mm
Moment of inertia0.39 cm 4/m
Density of Composite12 kg/m2
Expansion coefficient2.2 mm per 100°C

(*) 1250 mm on request in zinc with a thickness of 0.70 mm in QUARTZ-ZINC only.

  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green
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