Adeka is an innovative patented facade and roof system based on small pre-formed QUARTZ-ZINC or ANTHRA-ZINC elements featuring a unique locking key.  For other finishes please contact us.


Adeka can be fixed to both vented open gap softwood boards and vented 18mm plywood with VMZINC Membrane. 

Areas of application

Due to the raised edges and 50mm overlaps Adeka can be used for roofing for slopes of 15 degrees and over.


Width 400 mm
Length 400 mm
Thickness 0.65 mm
Packaging 24
Weight 6.9 kg/m²
No elements/m2 8.8

Documents and drawings

  • The panels are installed from bottom up with the key fixing into the lower panel.  Each Adeka tile is then secured with 3 screws.  Adeka is not supplied with filmed VMZINC. 

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