General information

The Adeka diamond shaped tile can be installed on roofs as well as facades with slopes of 25% (15°) or more. Less than 10 Adeka elements are needed to cover 1 sqm and the easy assembly (no mechanical tools necessary) of Adeka makes installation simple.

ADEKA elements are weather resistant thanks to the 5 cm overlap, raised edges at the top, and dropped edges on the bottom, and a polystyrene wedge bonded to the underside of the ADEKA.

Technical data

Width 400 mm
Length 400 mm
Thickness 0.65 mm
Packaging 24
VMZSolution.Dimensions.spindleSpindle 280 mm
Weight 6.9 kg/m²
No elements/m2 8.8
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • Natural zinc
  • Mark out lines on the deck every 56 cm (or 28 cm) at right angles to the baseline. These will be used to line the ADEKA elements up with the alignment guide on each element.

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