Installing zinc is not as polluting as other materials and the zinc scraps are very low.

Dry process

  • Installation of VMZINC solutions is either manual or semi-industrial, which minimizes noise pollution on site.
  • It does not require use of water or drying time.
  • It does not emit pollutants into the air, water or soil.
  • The choice of VMZINC solutions makes it possible to contribute to minimizing site impacts on the environment.

Low rate of scrap

  • The scrap rate during installation of VMZINC systems is generally lower than 5%. Zinc scrap generated during the implementation of VMZINC systems is all collected and re-used by roofers or collectors.
  • In France, the recovery rate of zinc scrap for re-use or recycling is higher than 98 % (9).

(9) Recycling of rolled zinc – Report by the i+c Institute - 2011