Compatibility with Other Materials

When placed in contact with zinc, certain products can have detrimental effects on the appearance and/or structural integrity of the zinc. Acidic products and products that can generate a galvanic reaction must not be used with zinc.

Important Considerations

Run-off from non compatible products onto zinc also must be avoided. In general, products with a ph lower than 5 and higher than 7 are not compatible with zinc.

There are no issues with zinc in combination with metals other than copper and mild steel. When zinc is in contact with copper in the presence of an electrolyte (such as water) a galvanic reaction will lead to corrosion of the zinc and subsequent failure of the roof or wall cladding.

Run-off from a copper surface to a zinc surface must be avoided under all circumstances. Zinc in contact with mild (carbon) steel is not desirable either, due to similar electron transfers between the metal that will result in zinc corrosion and deterioration.

Zinc can be installed adjacent to limestone. The run-off from limestone onto zinc material is acceptable. However, limestone dust and gypsum dust generated during cutting operations can react with zinc in the presence of water and form a superficial layer of white rust. No dust should be in contact with unprotected zinc. To prevent white rust, good construction practices should be used to limit the amount of dust that comes in contact with the zinc.

Compatible WoodsIncompatible Woods
Scots pineChestnut
PoplarRed Cedar

Douglas fir

White cedar

All woods with a ph < 5
Compatible metals
Incompatible metals
Aluminium (painted, anodised or bare)
Steel (Non galvanised)
Galvanised Steel
 Gypsum dust/limestone dust
Stainless Steel

Compatible miscellaneous materialsIncompatible miscellaneous materials
Non-acetic silicones
Building paper
MS Polymer mastics
Bituminous membranes
 Organic timber treatments
Fire retardant & preservative treatments

Acidic cleaners (brick cleaner etc)

Acetic silicones

Metal salt timber treatments
* This list is not exhaustive

Surface Finishes

VMZINC is an elegant partner for many building materials. Available in 10 pre-weathered finishes as well as mill finish Natural Zinc. Highly flexible, malleable and durable. Zinc can be embossed, perforated and incorporate texture helping to create imaginative designs.

Design Assistance

Our team are here to assist clients to design their roofing and façade project, providing innovative solutions that respect budgetary requirements whilst helping meet industry standards.