Focus On Zinc

Submission for the Edition 2024/2025 - n°21

Submission of your project for the next Edition of Focus On Zinc 21

Please fill out this form if you wish to submit your project for selection in the next FOCUS ON ZINC magazine. 

Photos of the project must be uploaded with this form. Without photos, the submitted project will not be considered by the selection committee.


Form to be completed online 
Sent by 15 March 2024 at latest. 

The project must be over 100 m2 of surface covered with zinc
Only projects which were inspected and handed over after January 1st 2020.
File not exceeding 5 Mo
File not exceeding 5 Mo
File not exceeding 5 Mo
May you have further photos (or high resolution photos), please send them directly to: specifying the name of the project and the country.

20th edition of our Focus On Zinc: source of inspiration

Our magazine Focus on Zinc features a number of recently completed VMZINC-building projects, examples of the endless possibilities zinc has to offer as a sustainable, durable, timeless building- and decorative material.

With this 20th edition, we hope to provide a source of inspiration to all who are interested in architecture. The featured projects were selected in India, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Austria, China, Switzerland, Belgium, United States, Turkey.

You will discover 20 outstanding projects involving the use of zinc, each with a colourful picture, a succinct description detailing its specific type of zinc application and providing technical specifications as well as information regarding the architect. Private dwellings, apartment buildings and terraced housing complexes, a medical centre, a ferry terminal, a renovated company building, a leisure centre, a station building. 

Each project features an original application of durable, sustainable, versatile zinc.
Focus on Zinc #20 was issued in an edition of 23.000 copies in English and in French and distributed in some 30 countries.