Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay (Singapore)

Because of it aesthetic qualities and its ability to stand up to the very humid climate, QUARTZ-ZINC® PLUS was chosen for the roofs of the prestigious Singapore opera and theatre development.

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Carsat Collective housing, Clermont-Ferrand (France)

Buildings constructed most recently are not necessarily those that are least exposed to the passage of time.

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City Quarter collective housing, London (UK) 

Designed by Sheppard Robson architects,City Quarter is made up of five buildings positioned around a huge water garden and a courtyard. Cladding on the facades differs according to their position. The walls overlooking the garden are clad in white shingles that echo the glazed bricks on the rear facades of the existing industrial buildings. 


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The 82 Bank Learning Centre, Nagano (Japan)

Crowning a resolutely ecological training centre, zinc roofs define a porous border between the city and nature, fully in line with the convictions expressed by the client, a local bank in this Japanese prefecture.

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Residence du Parc, Vignio in Lugano (Switzerland)

Located in the municipality of Collina d’Oro, with a view over Lake Lugano golf club, this vast complex of 11 apartments on three floors is built on a concrete foundation slab.

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ERA 3 Collective housing, Luogo in Milan (Italy)

Located on one of the main streets in the Northern suburbs of Milan, in the Northern suburbs of Milan, in an area with a rich industrial past, this apartment building features a degree of complexity.   


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Brown University, Rhode Island (USA)

“Advancing innovative directions for research, teaching, and production across the boundaries of individual arts disciplines and among artists, scientists, and scholars” is the vocation of the Granoff Center for the creative arts (Brown University).

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Van Dongen Senior School, staff accomodation, Lagny (France)

The Bauve architecture studio designed a program of seven houses to accommodate teaching staff at the Van Dongen Senior School in Lagny for the Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France (Ile-de-France regional authority). Following the demolition of an old unattractive building, a terrace of seven HQE (1) two-storey houses were built.

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Extreme zinc: 115 years at the summit!

Zinc is resilient over time. And despite the unpredictability of weather on mountain peaks! The Fourches Camp is proof of this: a French army mountain barracks, located at an altitude of 2,291 metres in the Mercantour mountain range in the Alpes de Haute Provence region. The barracks was built in 1896, and its magnificent roofs were renovated in 2016! We have a look at why and how.

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A word about zinc #04: Alley cats and gutters

The imagery of roofs has a lot to do with materials, know-how, professionals, roofers and zinc workers, who venture up onto them for the duration of a project. But it also gives pride of place to the inhabitants of these lofty places. All sorts of birds come to mind, as well as small rodents and bees. But cats have a special place in this secret universe. They are at ease here, jumping lithely from a zinc gutter to a flat tile roof to settle themselves in a hieratic pose on a ridge and taunt the bustling world below from their symbolic position. Today we take a look at these cats who love to spend time on roof tops, like feline street urchins.

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