Bayjonn hotel, Sopot, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 7 (Poland)

Extraordinary riches and luxury” are what the investors in this hotel intended to show when they named it bajoński, which means “phenomenal” in Polish. Luxury is represented here by a zinc facade and by wooden windows treated as threedimensional forms. By contrasting two types of aesthetic and geometry, this building demonstrates the elegance that can be created by juxtaposing two noble
materials: zinc and wood.

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Benedictus School, Gent (Belgium)

It is impossible not to notice the extension to the Benedictus school in Gent. On the raised section of the motorway that leads to the city centre, even drivers in a hurry will notice these three zinc-clad spheres.

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Archaeological Museum, Turó de Ca n’Olivé, Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain)

In a space hollowed out of a mountain (an old quarry) architects Toño Foraster and Victoria Garriga built the Archaeological museum of the Iberian village of Turó de Ca n’Olivé. 

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The engine shed: national building conservation centre, Stirling (Scotland)

An adaption / new build project to transform a derelict Engine Shed.

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Museum of fine arts of Asturias, Oviedo (Spain)

Urban fabric is a frequently used metaphor to describe construction operations in city centres. In this case it takes on the complexity of mineral lace.

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Vattanac Capital Tower, Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

According to Chinese mythology, dragons hold audiences in large glass palaces on the bottom of the ocean. Although it is built on land, the Vattanac tower poses as a metaphorical incarnation of this legend, with its curved form evoking the mythical animal’s backbone, encased in a sheath of glass scales. 

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RTI Sports, Koblenz (Germnay)

Koblenz is a small mediaeval town in western Germany that takes its name from its geographic location. Koblenz derives from the Latin confluentia, confluence, in this case the meeting of the Rhine and the Moselle. The new headquarters of RTI Sports - a distributor of sports articles for mountain biking, trials and other sports - is located on the banks of the Moselle. The plot is part of an industrial zone separated from the historic town centre by the river.

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Cultural Centre, Drammen (Norway)

Cities all over Europe are reclaiming their industrial wastelands and the town of Drammen, 40 kilometres south-west of Oslo in Norway, is no exception.


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Employment and Training Centre, Rodez (France)

“The municipal employment & training centre in Rodez, which houses several organisations providing support to jobseekers, is both an office building and a public building. 

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Palladium shopping mall, Chennai (India)

“Today, trade must surprise to attract. The Palladium Mall in Chennai achieves this with its tridimensional skin, evoking a luxury jewellery box.”

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