General information

It involves installing the Sine wave panels on a metal framework fixed to the supporting structure.

The sine wave panels provide increased freedom of choice and design through the play of light and shadow on the cladding.

Areas of application

Suitable for both renovation projects and new buildings.

All types of buildings : commercial, public buildings, collective and individual housing.

Technical data

Material Thickness
0.8mm  (0.031") or 1.0mm  (0.039")
Corrugation Dimensions
2.67" W x 7/8" H  (67.8mm x 22.2mm)
Maximum Dimension
10'-0" Length  (3.04m)
Minimum Dimension
6'-0" Length  (1.8m)
Max Length Coverage
29 3/8" x 9'-6"  (746.1mm x 2.89m)
23.25 SF per Panel
~2.0 lbs per SF
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green
  • The VMZINC Sine wave panels are through fixed onto a timber or metal substructure (galvanized steel 1.5mm or Aluminium 2.2mm) spaced at between 800mm and 1200mm depending on project loadings. All fasteners must be stainless steel. 

    For panels over 3m in length, holes must be slotted to allow for expansion and contraction. A continuous 38 mm ventilated air gap is left clear behind the panels on the entire facade. 

    Continuous ventilation openings are made at the top and bottom. 

    The insulation panels must be sufficiently rigid and well anchored to their structure to prevent them from moving and blocking the ventilation space (refer to the insulation manufacturer's specifications). 

    The cladding supports must be at least 60 mm wide to support the panels correctly. 

    Any wood treatment products (fungicides, insecticides) must be dry and completely neutral to VMZINC. 

    Remove of the film

    The plastic film must be removed within 2 months of installation. The film should be left on if other trades are working in proximity of the zinc. The film must not be partially removed.

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