QUARTZ ZINC Surface Finish: Durable Elegance | VMZINC

QUARTZ-ZINC offers an appearance and texture that changes very little over time.

QUARTZ-ZINC is a pre-patinated zinc that imitates very closely what nature does to Natural zinc. The finish will change very little for decades to come. When QUARTZ-ZINC is scratched, it has the capacity  to self-heal. The grey tones of QUARTZ-ZINC blend well with almost all construction materials and is ideal for refurbishment.

QUARTZ-ZINC is produced through a phosphatation of mill finish Natural zinc. The darkness of the pre-weathered zinc is measured electronically using a y figure where 0 is black and 100 is white. Acceptable tolerance of QUARTZ-ZINC, y = 22 to 25.

For some specific locations, such as rinsed surfaces near the sea, a STRAT coating can be added to QUARTZ-ZINC which reduces the aesthetic, but non corrosive, effect of salt on the surface of the zinc.