AZENGAR is the first engraved zinc giving a product with a matt, heterogeneous and light aspect.

With AZENGAR, VMZINC commercialises the next generation of zinc with an engraved and lighter aspect that multiplies the opportunities for innovation.

Designed to imitate nature’s unpredictability, the rawness of AZENGAR is achieved with a surface treatment of Natural zinc.

With its range of light grey color variances wider that exceed those of QUARTZ-ZINC and ANTHRA-ZINC, AZENGAR stands alone with a deeply textured and heterogeneous surface that accentuates characteristics of the zinc while demonstrating the randomness of nature.

As with NATURAL ZINC, AZENGAR can naturally develop a protective patina that will darken the light grey characteristics of the zinc.

While weathering characteristics can vary with geographical conditions and installation practices, the zinc surface’s metamorphosis allows for vibrant and remarkable results different than other types of zinc products.

It is possible that darker marks can form on AZENGAR especially on surfaces that are not or only infrequently rinsed by rainwater. These marks will not reduce the expected lifespan of the zinc.

All AZENGAR materials are delivered with a removable protective film to minimize fingerprints, scratches, and contamination.