ANTHRA-ZINC with its visible grain matches the colour of slate and blends well in combination with photovoltaic panels.

ANTHRA-ZINC is produced through a phosphatation of mill finish Natural zinc.  The darkness of the pre-weathered zinc is measured electronically using a Y figure where 0 is black and 100 is white.  Acceptable tolerance of ANTHRA-ZINC, y = 5 to 7. ANTHRA-ZINC also includes a thin organic coating.  

As with Natural Zinc, based on the type of installation, surface exposure to weather, and geographical conditions, ANTHRA-ZINC may slowly and gradually lighten over time to dark grey. Superficial surface scratches and marks will be covered by the natural grey patina.

Due to the dark aspect of the material salt stains are possible in coastal environments especially on non-rinsed (rain water) surfaces.

For some specific locations such as rinsed surfaces near the sea, a STRAT coating can be added to ANTHRA-ZINC which reduces the aesthetic, but non corrosive, effect of salt on the surface of the zinc. This will allow ANTHRA-ZINC to stay a darker grey for an extended amount of time.