General information

ADEKA is an innovative patented facade system based on small pre-formed QUARTZ-ZINC or ANTHRA-ZINC elements featuring a unique locking key (other finishes on request). 

ADEKA can be fixed to both vented open gap softwood boards and vented 3/4" plywood with VMZINC Membrane.

Areas of application

Suitable for both renovation projects and new buildings.

All types of buildings: commercial, public buildings, collective and individual housing

Technical data

Material Thickness
0.65mm   (0.0256")
Panel Dimensions

15.5" x 15.5"  (393.7mm x 393.7mm)
On Center
Vertical 16 1/16"  (408mm)
Horizontal 22 1/16"  (560mm)

Coverage per Panel
1.22 SF
Panels per Box
24 panels
Coverage per Box
29.28 SF
Weight per Panel
1.7 lbs
Weight per Box
42 lbs
Minimum Slope
3:12 (14.04⁰ or 25%)
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green

Documents and drawings


The panels are installed from bottom up with the key fixing into the lower panel.  

Each ADEKA tile is then secured with 3 screws. ADEKA is not supplied with filmed VMZINC. Roofing shingles (flat lock panels) can also be installed on a roof in a similar fashion to the ADEKA tile however the minimum slope for the majority of projects using diamond shingles with non-aligned joints is 45 degrees.

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