Focus on Zinc n°19 magazine

New edition 2022/2023

A source of inspiration: the 19th edition of our Focus On Zinc

Our magazine Focus on Zinc offers you an overview of the endless possibilities of zinc as a sustainable, durable, timeless building- and decorative material. It features a number of recently completed VMZINC-building projects at home and abroad.

This 19th edition is a source of inspiration to all those who are interested in architecture. The featured projects were selected in Germany, Lebanon, France, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Spain, China, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Canada.

You will discover 20 outstanding projects involving the use of zinc, each with pictures, a description detailing the origin of the project, its integration in the environment and some technical information on the VMZINC solution chosen. Private housing, Collective buildings and terraced housing complexes, a medical centre, a ferry terminal, a renovated company building, a leisure centre, a station building… Each project features an original application of durable, sustainable, versatile zinc.

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