Sustainable building

ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 certification is the international environmental management certification.

VMZINC and ISO 14001

All VMZINC rolled zinc production sites are ISO 14001 certified. All three sites - Auby, Viviez and Bray-et-Lû are located in France.

All activities relating to the smelting, casting, rolling, preweathering, formatting, forming and storage of VMZINC rolled zinc solutions are covered by the scope of the ISO14001 certification.

At the Viviez site, waste water treatment and remediation of historical pollution of the site are also covered by the scope of this certification. At VMZINC sites, the main environmental challenges are energy consumption, pollution risks (water, air, soil), saving water and waste management. However, pollution risks are minimal and very well managed.


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The fabulous destiny of La Vieille Montagne

Roger Baltus, VMZINC Communication Director, proposes you to discover the history of the VMZINC brand.

What company has never been tempted by storytelling, the art of communicating on a brand by telling a truly beautiful story?

But to do so, it is necessary to have substantial, original, authentic material.

VMZINC is lucky to have just that.

This is why I have decided to share the outstanding adventure of La Vieille Montagne with you over the coming months.

If you work in the building industry, you will already know this famous brand. Its two initials - V & M - were retained in its new international name: VMZINC.

At the end of 2015, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the first application of Vieille Montagne zinc on a roof in Paris! 200 years is a respectable age for a company, but very young for a material.

In the episodes of this extraordinary industrial saga, I will tell you how a ground breaking idea at the start of the 19th century led to the invention of a new building material and the emergence of a new profession working with it and how, by innovating, the company made a worldwide name for this material.


Episode 1: The Pioneer


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Episode 2: developers


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Episode 3: The Golden Age


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Episode 4 : The Moresnet mine


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Episode 5 : Social relations


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Episode 6 : “Hard times”


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Episode 7 : The inter-war period


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Episode 8 : 1945 – 1961


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Episode 9 : 1970 - 2000


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Episode 10 : A brief history of the future of zinc


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The qualiy of all product ranges is VMZINC’s core preoccupation and applies in the first instance to rolled products manufactured at our various production sites.



To ensure traceability and give professionals a guarantee of the superior quality of zinc used, sheets and coils are marked with ink. This marking guarantees compliance with the EN 988, KOMO 7056 and ASTM 69 standards, as well as with the requirements of the PREMIUMZINC label. It guarantees high level manufacturing and control of VMZINC products.

CE marking

VMZINC adopted the European directive on Building Products. The harmonised standards concerning self-supporting (EN 14782) and fully-supported (EN 14783) metal roof and façade products, are used for CE marking.


OHSAS 18001 certification


Auby and Viviez obtained certification for the OHSAS 18001 : 2007 reference system concerning safety.



VMZINC product warranty

All VMZINC rolled products are covered by a 10-year guarantee covering the compliance of our materials with EN 988 European standards, with PREMIUM quality requirements, with ISO 9001 and possible perforations that may be caused by a production defect in the rolled zinc.

This guarantee applies when the products have been used and installed by recognised professionals in compliance with VMZINC technical specifications and industry standards in force in the country where the product is installed, and respecting conditions of use and maintenance.

All the conditions for the application of the guarantee are available on request from the VMZINC sales teams.


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