single lock standing seam

Structural roof system




Construction system combining a standing seam roofing in Zinc plus with rigid mineral wool insulation laid on supporting structures in steel, wood or concrete.


Surface aspects: QUARTZ-ZINC in Zinc plus, ANTHRA-ZINC in Zinc plus and AZENGAR on demand.


Packaging Small coils for profiling
or preformed strips  on request
Thickness 0.7 mm
Stretchout width 500 mm
Finished centre-to-centre  Width 430 mm
Protective paint 60 microns on the underside  
(lacquering process on the inside surface)
Simplicité de pose Modular warm roof system for any type of deck (steel sheets, wood, concrete),
Technicité Suitable for low to high hygrometry,
Innovation Exclusive patented VM ZINC® fixing system,
Discrete Competitive cost of complex.
  • All types of roofs.
  • Flat curved shapes.

Pitches: Minimum pitch 3° (5%).

A choice of:

Steel deck.
Timber deck.

This structure is successively covered by:

A vapour control layer with a high water vapour resistance installed with cold or hot glued joints.

Insulation: mineral wool. All insulation materials have to resist a compression strenght of minimum 50kPa (0.5kg/cm²), at a maximum 10% deformation. The insulation must have the necessary approvals for use in warm roof applications.

Between the Zinc plus and the insulation, a breather membrane is fixed with an overlap of + 150 mm.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.