Farmville, Paredes (Portugal)


Farmville, Paredes (Portugal)

Farmville: the name of this project by the AND-RÉ architecture firm will sound familiar to many. It is the name of an application allowing its 82 million users to experience the joys of farming on a daily basis. 






Architect: And-Ré - Bruno André and Francisco Salgado Ré, 
Technique: VMZINC® Standing seam, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®


The architects used this as an emblem, because the local agricultural cooperative is a stakeholder in this programme, which invited the designers to rediscover the countryside. The town and the cooperative launched the initiative for this incubator grouping together an organic market, offices, artists' residences and a manufacturing workshop. Farmville clearly expresses the determination of Paredes to be a town with a focus on creative design and become a hub in this regard. The operation is at the core of a strategy for the promotion and support of creative enterprise. The buildings had to reflect this ambition.



AND-RÉ, a young architecture firm based in Porto, won the competition with a project evoking the rural heritage of the palheiros and  espigueiros - stables and granaries that are emblematic of Portuguese vernacular architecture. These references are legible in the our volumes with double-sloped roofs that give this development its identity.

AND-RÉ not only revisited a traditional style of architecture: it adapted this to contemporary realities undergoing rapid changes. The zinc volumes become the shared roof, the shell whose evanescent appearance is a starting point.  Beneath the roofs, everything can be changed without the overall form or the neighbourhood being affected.  A clever strategy that will perhaps inspire the creators
of Farmville, constantly struggling to meet the challenges of growth and adaptation!