Sesto San Giovanni, Milan (Italy)


Church of the Resurrection of Christ -Sesto San Giovanni, Milan (Italy)

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ was founded in the 1960s by worker-priests. At that time, Sesto San Giovanni, a town north of Milan, was one of the hubs of the post-war “Italian miracle”, an economic boom driven by heavy industry. 






Architect: Cino Zucchi Architects and Zucchi & Partners, Contractor: Frigerio Appalti srl
Technique: VMZINC® Standing Seam, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®, ANTHRA-ZINC®


In 2008, the Cino Zucchi architecture firm was chosen for the complete restructuration of this church resembling an industrial hangar. The architect wanted to avoid the pitfalls of an architecture that could be too expressive or too rhetorical. 


The building is constructed on a compact base, juxtaposing three parallelepipeds containing the nave, the priests' offices and the ntrance porch, where the volume was reduced to create a small square contiguous with the street. This is a contemporary attempt to transpose a baroque layout such as can be observed in the cathedral of Vigevano, a small town in the neighbouring province of Pavia. Here, the porch ends at an esplanade where parishioners gather in the open air.



The facade is clad with four different materials, installed in a rectangular layout with varying widths that create a simple arbitrary  design: glass, vertical strips of Trani stone, grey pietra serena and preweathered zinc are alternated. The succession of materials  introduces differences in texture and reflections of light. QUARTZ-ZINC® was installed in cassettes, which made it possible to create a continuous, very flat surface combining transparent and opaque elements. QUARTZ-ZINC® also features on the roof surfaces, where the standing seam technique defines clear, legible surfaces. This renovation demonstrates the desire to develop contemporary cultural architecture without the pitfalls of structural exhibitionism or figurative symbolism.