Office building, Münster (Germany)


Office building, Münster (Germany)

This project grew out of the need for new headquarters that would provide sufficient space to accommodate growth in activity and the recruitment of extra staff. 






Architect: Ulrich Kiefer, Heyen - Lippross + Partner 
Technique: VMZINC® Flatlock panel, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®


For this three-storey building, the architects created a concept conveying an impression of superimposed strips, characterized by the juxtaposition of glass and metal. The zinc cladding gives structure to the building, while the glass reflects changes in weather and light. QUARTZ-ZINC® installed in Flatlock panels demarcates each floor, making it appear slightly misaligned with the next. Glass and zinc alternate at the buildings extremities, creating the impression of a roll of ribbon winding up towards the sky.



Architectural choices

“We chose zinc for its texture. It frames the glazed facade perfectly and its color, aspect and lower reflectivity contrast with the glass. While the surrounding environment reflected in the glass provides constantly renewed images, the strip of zinc anchors the building to the ground, giving it stability and continuity.”