Bayjonn hotel, Sopot, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 7 (Poland)


Bayjonn hotel, Sopot, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 7 (Poland)

Extraordinary riches and luxury” are what the investors in this hotel intended to show when they named it bajoński, which means “phenomenal” in Polish. Luxury is represented here by a zinc facade and by wooden windows treated as threedimensional forms. By contrasting two types of aesthetic and geometry, this building demonstrates the elegance that can be created by juxtaposing two noble
materials: zinc and wood.






Architect: A-Plan bis Sp. z o.o, 
Technique: VMZINC® Standing Seam, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®


Zinc was selected for its aesthetic qualities, for its durability and because it is maintenance free. The building also had to be adapted to a strict urbanization plan which in particular demanded that the hotel be aligned with a circular plaza. This meant a special design to form an arc. In order to optimize space, the building was designed “as a compact block with a slight slant, overhanging the ground floor which follows the same alignment”. This choice imposed the use of a reinforced concrete structure which also answered the severe constraints imposed for fire safety.



Technical focus

Horizontally laid standing seam was chosen as a technique to make installation of zinc easier on the curved and inclined sections, and because it allowed for finely detailed finishings on flashings.