RTI Sports, Koblenz (Germany)


RTI Sports, Koblenz (Germnay)

Koblenz is a small mediaeval town in western Germany that takes its name from its geographic location. Koblenz derives from the Latin confluentia, confluence, in this case the meeting of the Rhine and the Moselle. The new headquarters of RTI Sports - a distributor of sports articles for mountain biking, trials and other sports - is located on the banks of the Moselle. The plot is part of an industrial zone separated from the historic town centre by the river.






Architect: Behet-Bondzio-Lin Architekten GmBh & Co. KG, 
Technique: VMZINC® Standing Seam, Surface aspect: ANTHRA-ZINC®


In this suburban context, the architects from the 2BxL studio (Behet, Bondzio and Lin) attempted to recreate the industrial characteristics of the town centre while remaining minimalist. 



This two-storey building is like a black cube perched on wooden piles, which were necessary to protect the premises from flooding. The layout of the building is similar to that of an office block: interior spaces are laid out around a central services hub, a circular corridor leads to the various rooms: meeting rooms, individual and shared offices. 


The repetitivity of the programme is not visible on the facade: tall wide windows, like those in an artist’s studio, alternate with small
windows, typical of an apartment building. The hybrid shape enables the building to blend into this technology park while asserting a strong identity. The final distinguishing feature: a skin of dark grey zinc, selected for its durability and the fact that it is elegant yet discreet. An appropriate attitude for a company that adopted the slogan “less is more”. The accuracy of this slogan, first used by famous architect Mies van der Rohe, is illustrated yet again in this building.