Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay (Singapore)


Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay (Singapore)

Because of it aesthetic qualities and its ability to stand up to the very humid climate, QUARTZ-ZINC® PLUS was chosen for the roofs of the prestigious Singapore opera and theatre development.






Architect: DP Architects PTE Ltd 
Technique: Standing seam VMZINC®, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC® Plus


The Waterfront is dominated by the twin glass and stainless steel domes linked by the contrasting dark grey zinc foyer roof.


The zinc is laid using the standing seam technique down the slope of the roof and canopy of the main entrance hall.   The curved roof slopes gently in a series of steps, with glass fronts that gleam like the underside of waves curling shoreward.   The foyer roof ends in a bullnose with its underside continuing inside the foyer to form part of the ceiling.


Standing seam was also used on the circular roofs of the Raffles Avenue entrance and the Rehearsal Hall, and on the roof of the adjoining Stay club.



The Design Assistance Office and VMZ Pro-zinc® team worked closely with the architect and roofing company to ensure the success of this project which has already become an architectural icon in the region.