City Quarter collective housing in London (UK)


City Quarter collective housing, London (UK) 

Designed by Sheppard Robson architects,City Quarter is made up of five buildings positioned around a huge water garden and a courtyard. Cladding on the facades differs according to their position. The walls overlooking the garden are clad in white shingles that echo the glazed bricks on the rear facades of the existing industrial buildings. 







Architect: Sheppard Robson, 
Technique: VMZINC® Interlocking panel, Surface aspect: Natural, QUARTZ-ZINC®, ANTHRA-ZINC®


Different colored zinc profiles are installed on the gable ends . The overall effect is one of natural shades that contrast with the bright colors of the former brick factory incorporated in the complex.

Environmenal standards

The most recent construction methods were used for interiors and exteriors. On the exteriors, prefabricated balcony elements were simplified using innovative structural solutions for cladding. Terraced apartments are supplied with hot water by solar water heaters, the buildings feature integrated biodiverse roofing, the pond is used as a basin to collect rainwater and the zinc facade provides the final touch to the environmental vocation of the complex.




Technical focus

Zinc clads not only the facades but also the underside of the roofs, creating spectacular overhangs. The continuous strip of zinc, made up of different colored interlocking panels in natural zinc, preweathered QUARTZ-ZINC® and preweathered ANTHRA-ZINC®, doubles over to shift from the vertical to the horizontal plane.