Residence du Parc, Vignio, Lugano (Switzerland)


Residence du Parc, Vignio in Lugano (Switzerland)

Located in the municipality of Collina d’Oro, with a view over Lake Lugano golf club, this vast complex of 11 apartments on three floors is built on a concrete foundation slab.






Architect: GIEFFE Studio Sagl, Lugano, 
Technique: VMZINC® Interlocking panel, Surface aspect: Blue PIGMENTO®


The architects’ priority was to harmoniously blend the construction with the surrounding nature, despite the relatively large dimensions of the project. The context and the topography played an essential role in the design of the building, whose lines interact with the environment and the relief of the plot, highlighting the relationship between nature and culture. 

The designers’ work was not limited to the building. It also included work on the pathways and surrounding areas, which are incorporated in a subtle relationship with the site. The building interconnects with the hill, and the pathways leading to it become meeting places.


The choice of facade materials, zinc and glass, contribute to the impression of fusion and symbiosis with nature. With a play of colours and sunlight on the metal and glass surfaces, the building seems to have sprung up from its environment. The cladding on the facades and the glass panels of the guard-rails, windows and doors give a lightweight appearance to the complex. Massive elements gradually become lighter as they near hollows, thus accentuating the horizontal stratification of the building.


This impression of hollowness is particularly striking on the facade facing the valley, which is contrasted by a full, massive facade facing the mountain. The cladding was installed with a subtle staggering of the zinc panels, as though they were slabs of marble. The elements, which vary in length and have five different heights, are installed the wrong way round, so as to highlight the horizontal joints that seem to stretch the building with their geometries.