ERA 3 Collective housing, Luogo in Milan (Italy)


ERA 3 Collective housing, Luogo in Milan (Italy)

Located on one of the main streets in the Northern suburbs of Milan, in the Northern suburbs of Milan, in an area with a rich industrial past, this apartment building features a degree of complexity.   







Architect: Studio LPzR, Installer: Simon Spa Technique 
Technique: Interlocking panel VMZINC®, Surface aspect: ANTHRA®


A deliberate choice on the part of the architects at Studio LPzR: “The project was designed as a manifesto of complexity in contemporary architecture. The articulation of volumes is highlighted by a combination of several different materials and solutions, identifying the main geometric elements of the building.” The result is an atypical building with numerous overhangs and with different facades featuring rough concrete, mineral plaster, “pietra piacentina” stone, larch cladding and zinc. The central section, which is “the most exposed to atmospheric agents and the most visible”, is clad in ANTHRA-ZINC®. “This zinc skin is characterized by its horizontal installation. The facade is supported by pillars, making the zinc cladding appear to float”, explain the architects.



Technical focus

Paradoxically, this apparently complex project did not present any major technical challenges: “the engineering and design
department created an installation diagram and the installer applied it. This ventilated facade is highly satisfactory from both
technical and aesthetic points of view.” 



The system applied

The architects chose an interlocking panel cladding system. This system is available in several widths, with invisible fixing. Here
its streamlined horizontal lines highlight the slender style of the buildings.


Architectural choices

“We chose to divide the facade into three sections, in terms of both volumes and materials. The
two outer sections are covered in mineral red plaster and larch and connect the complex to the
neighboring buildings, whereas the central section in ANTHRA-ZINC® is the strong element that makes
the building stand out as an urban landmark, while highlighting its durability.”