Van Dongen Senior School, staff accomodation, Lagny (France)


Van Dongen Senior School, staff accomodation, Lagny (France)

The Bauve architecture studio designed a program of seven houses to accommodate teaching staff at the Van Dongen Senior School in Lagny for the Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France (Ile-de-France regional authority). Following the demolition of an old unattractive building, a terrace of seven HQE (1) two-storey houses were built.






Architect: Atelier Bauve, Installer: Entreprise Couppe
Technique: Interlocking panel VMZINC®, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®


Technical focus

Special attention was given to the aesthetic aspect of the layout plan for the facades.  Early discussions between the architect, the installation company and VMZINC led to harmonious blending of the different facade materials and elements.


Architectural choices

To successfully integrate the project into its environment, the architect used the themes developed for the Senior School and opted for similar materials: wood and zinc cladding for the facade and standing seam zinc for the roofing. He had a very clear vision of the design he wanted: “we worked on volumes and sections so that the units would look like private houses even though they are not. We wanted to preserve residents’ privacy. The juxtaposition of different materials on the facade – wood and zinc – and the play on volumes contributed greatly to this.”


(1) Haute Qualité Environnementale (French High Environmental Quality standard)