single lock standing seam

Sine wave profile


It involves installing the Sine wave panels on a metal framework fixed to the supporting structure. The sine wave panels provide increased freedom of choice and design through the play of light and shadow on the cladding.



Type 18/76 25/115 43/180
Wave depth 18 mm 25 mm 43 mm
Wave width 76 mm 115 mm 180 mm
Useable width 836 mm 805 mm 720 mm
Length * From 1.8 m to 6 m
Weight ** (1 mm) 8.7 kg/sq. m 9 kg/sq. m 9.5 kg/sq. m
Radius for natural curving
(horizontal installation)
15 m 30 m 40 m

* Limited to 4 meters in mountain areas and exposed areas (500 m to seashore)
** Weight of the system / sq. m excluding framework.


Sine wave profile presentation

Discrete Rhythmic wave aesthetic,
Technicité Vertical or horizontal cladding with special joint,
Technicité Easy installation with overlapping between two panels for fast installation,
Technicité Range of components offering a wide variety of flashing details.
  • New construction or refurbishment projects.
  • Flat facade or curved with large radius.
  • All types of buildings, in particular office and public buildings and collective housing.

A range of standard accessories has been designed for the main flashings:


Internal and external corners.


Junction flashing.


Window flashing.


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