Management of rainwater

Whether they are used:

  • for roofing or facade to ensure the building is watertight,
  • in rainwater evacuation systems to collect, evacuate and direct rainwater,
  • or as an element in screw-on downpipe systems for easy effective connection of rainwater harvesters,

VMZINC solutions participate in the management of rainwater in buildings and are compatible with installation of rainwater harvesting systems.

In France, harvesting and re-use of rainwater for exterior use (watering gardens, washing cars) is authorised and even encouraged (eligible for a tax credit) without any discrimination in terms of the type of materials used for the building envelope. For interior sanitary use (e.g. toilets and washing machines), re-use of rainwater is authorised without discrimination in terms of type of materials but must comply with the recommendations of the sanitary authorities (10).