Special facade offer

The special VMZINC offer for Czech Republic

VMZINC offers special facade products exclusively in Czech Republic.

You will find a wide range of different shapes and types of cladding elements for ventilated facades (cassettes, profiles, architectural profiles or even atypical profiles).

All products are characterized by high precision in production. They are dimensionally stable and flat. All cladding elements are made to measure for the specific project, up to the length of 6 meters.

Your benefits

  • Expressive facades 

Innovative shapes combined with VMZINC surfaces. The façade systems offer great design freedom.    

  • High quality from production to delivery 

Every part of the chain is completed with perfection. From low product tolerances in production to packaging and delivery. 

  • Cost-effective 

Thanks to efficient production, optimized handling and easy installation, VMZINC special façade products are competitive in price.

VMZINC special facade products

Standard profiles
Architectural profiles

Special features like perforation or even nonstandard shapes are also possible.

Please contact us. 

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