Social responsability: working conditions and career follow up

In the social realm, Umicore published a document entitled The Umicore Way in seven languages in 2004.

Distributed to all its collaborators, the document presents the group’s values and the vision on which its relations with customers and partners – and its internal relations – are based:

  • openness and transparency,
  • teamwork,
  • innovation;
  • respect for people,
  • the environment and health;
  • commitment to results.

In 2006, initial objectives were established after the implementation of performance indicators, designed in particular to ensure ongoing improvement of work conditions and employee career opportunities.


Career opportunities

Umicore Building Products, which belongs to the International Umicore Group, attributes its great success and continued growth to the development of zinc products and systems thanks to the people who contribute to its success.

In return, we encourage employees at all levels to develop their professionalism and an entrepreneurial spirit to be innovative in achieving business results.

Management actively supports the creation of a positive environment to growth talents by driving responsibility and ownership down through the organisation.

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